A campsite licensed by the Caravan and Camping Club.
A peaceful location for people who want a quiet time in the country.

Not a good party venue!
We ask visitors to play No Music and to enjoy a Very Peaceful time.

Sheltered by the mountains, we have far less rain than most of the country. The ground is green; we do get rained on but the ground is nearly always dry.

New Washroom, Shower and Toilet building:

For bookings:

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Caravans, tents, campervans.

Ours is a spacious site, over 20-acres of tree lined stream and field.
All pitches are on grass.
We take up to 5-Caravans and around 10 tents, so there is as much personal space as anyone could wish for.
You can set up your own private enclave, sit around small campfires, etc. Anything as long as it is peaceful. We offer tranquility, so no music!

              ****Hideaway in the country****

Caravan for Hire
We have this pleasantly sited, secluded, caravan for your use should you wish, at £19/night for two people.
Not particularly modern, (OK, old) but comfortable, clean, dry and set up with electricity for lights, fridge and battery charging. There is a limited gas cooking facility. See picture.

Tent for hire
We have this pleasantly sited, pre-erected for your use should you wish, at £15/night for two people. Complete with its own 'garden'.

Bell Tent for Hire
 £19/night for two.

We are 2-minutes from a bus stop to Monmouth or Hereford, and thence, Abergavenny, Ross, Coleford, Brecon, etc.

Pitch near the other vans and toilets, shower, etc, or go off to a secluded pitch under the trees, by the stream, as you like. You can reserve such as pitch on booking.

'Petting zoo'
There are guinea pigs, goats old and young, pot-bellied pig, sheep, chickens, ducks, quail - all are very tame and all really enjoy seeing people. Visit them at any time, feed them, from our list of suitable feeds, sit with them, or join the official feeding round at 9am, daily.

We do have rain, but far less than might be expected. Sheltered by the Black Mountains, we have about 1/2 of the rainfall experienced in Wales. (UK Met Office)

There are views over 3-counties and we are close to:
1) The Wye Valley,
2) The Forest of Dean,
3) The Black Mountains and The Brecon Beacons,
4) Symmonds Yat.

There are shower and flush toilets. Plus, an information area with small cooking facilities, such as kettle, fridge, toaster, space to freeze your freezer block, etc. This is in a rustic building designed to blend with the setting.

Electric hook ups are available.
These will power lights, batteries, fridges, etc, etc. They will not support space heating, water heating and high wattage domestic appliances such as electric kettles.

A fabulous Pub. You are guaranteed a warm welcome at our splendid, dog and child friendly, local pub. fine ales and wines and excellent very reasonably priced food.

We welcome pets: dogs, cats, horses, children, etc, relying on you to ensure that they do not bother other visitors. There is about a mile of paths mowed alongside the stream, around and through the hay-fields, to walk dogs or just stroll before breakfast.
Although we welcome all, the site is very quiet and picturesque and is particularly favored by adults and older people and those who want a peaceful time away.
We are not for you if you want a place for loud gatherings! There are sites nearby better suited to that than we are and we are very happy to advise you.
We provide free-range eggs: chicken, duck and quail fresh daily; and a range of other essentials, in our pound shop.
We will direct you to excellent local beers, wines and food.
We will guide you to an endless range of nearby attractions sufficient to amuse all ages for a few weeks.
For example, these include: walking, canoeing, riding, cycling, caves, fantastic walking, steam train, working coal mines, children's adventure centres, etc. Did I mention walking?
Or just stroll and chill, under the trees or by the stream.

We do charge money, but it is minimal.
£8.00/van/night. (for up to 2-people. We charge a further £3 for any additional person)
There is no extra charge for: parking, dogs, awnings, etc, etc, so you know what you will pay.
A few fully serviced pitches are available for £12.00/day.
A small number of seasonal pitches are available at £100/month, plus the usual additional charges for extra people and hook up, as used.
We give a 10% discount for visitors over pensionable age.
We give 10% discount to returning customers.

Any questions:
Call 07813027670 for an instant booking or better still email on:

We do welcome drop-in guests, but booking is brisk and we keep the numbers small, so we recommend advance booking to be safe.
We are on the A466, between Monmouth and Hereford. We are just off the B4521 road from Ross-on-Wye to Abergavenny ("The Gateway to the Black Mountains").
The Postcode is HR2 8QN, and the entrance is actually on the A 466. However, pitches are all well away from the road, so little traffic sound.
The entrance is easy, straight and level, if approaching from the South.
If approaching from the North, it is easier to pass by and perform a U Turn, thus approaching from the South. There are easy places to do this, just past the village. Alternatively, many people take the A40 South from Ross, and join the A466 near Monmouth, heading North. That means leaving the A40, before Monmouth, at a roundabout, signed A466. You will come to a cross-roads with traffic lights - turn right onto the Hereford Road (A466).

There is a safe play area for smaller children, near, but not too near...

including this guinea pig barn where you can watch 'pigs' of all ages, but for their safety do not enter.

Campfires are essential.
You can bring your own fire basket or we will lend you one.
You can collect wood, or we will supply it to you.

The site is primarily for members of the Camping and Caravanning Club.
This is a brilliant organization, well worth joining see: http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/aboutus/whyjoin/

We are pleased to be called a 'Member recommended site.

We are pleased to be nominated Certificated Site of the Year.

Proprietor Dr Neil Wheeler

 There is no ambient light, so a good place for stargazing. These photos taken from the site.


We are protected from rain by the Black mountains. Most of the rain that should get to us falls on Brecon! Two years ago, for example, we have had cancellations because the weather forecast is poor, and yet it was as dry as ever, here. One tenter cancelled because of 'A dreadful forecast' while it was so dry that we were hay-making.
It can rain, even here, but your chances of getting wet are far less that the forecast would suggest.

A meeting space, information, minor cooking equipment is provided and there are electric hook ups for vans and tents.

There are ball play areas, but well away from the camping areas, as well as a well stocked toy box and collection of table games .
There is a four-birth, pre-erected tent available.

Walks For all
There is all types of walking to be enjoyed from the site itself, including one medium walk to a very dog-friendly pub. There are endless glorious walks nearby requiring a few minutes in the car.
There is a small shop (£1.00) with a few things previous campers have asked for: free range eggs, home-made jams and marmalade, matches, lighters, candles, small toys, fruit, etc.

Access is from the A466, in Llancloudy village, but this is a very quiet road and the pitches are between 300and 800 yards from the road.

Access, heading North is wide and level. if you are heading South, the turn would be tight. Most campers prefer to go by, to the top of the hill, where a U-Turn is easy to perform. Some people approaching from Ross, take the A40 South and join the A466, before Monmouth heading North.

Wild flowers and butterflies make this a charming place, on a good day.

One side of the site is boundaried by a shallow, but lively stream. Brilliant to camp by or for small campfires, or just for a walk first thing in the morning. Rabbit, and badger holes to be seen.

Guests have also seen: Deer, Pheasants, Kites, Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks, Foxes, Peregrine Falcon, and a good range of song birds.

There is a great deal you can do, here.

For just a taster, we recommend:
1. Symonds Yat Rock, Symonds Yat East
Fantastic views and see the peregrine falcon nest;
Walk down to Symonds Yat East, through the woods and sit a while by the river, watching the hand ferry;
Or drop into the Saracen’s Head for some very excellent food, real ales and wines.

2. Symonds Yat WestButterfly Zoo
Amazing Hedge Maze and so many other mazes.
Boat trips on the Wye

3. Canoeing on the Wye.Collect a canoe from Ross-on-Wye and they will drive you upstream so that you can canoe beck to your car.
¼-day, ½-day, full-day. You set the time and they take you upstream accordingly.
Try the full adventure, canoeing from Hay on Wye to Ross on Wye.

4. CavesHopewell Colliery - Free miner’s coal mine - Coleford
Clearwater Cave. A cave once used as a tin mine

5. Steam railway – Coleford

6. Castles
Skenfrith – on the Abergavenny road
Goodrich – off the A40, North of Monmouth
White castle – on the Abergavenny road
Grossmsont Castle - off the Abergavenny road and many more..

7. Sculpture Walk or cycle path – Coleford

8. Walks and cycling (we provide an extensive and detailed walk guide)
Walk to the very fine Royal Inn 1 hour each way, and get a splendid welcome on arrival.
Walk up Coppett’s Hill - long or short, as you want. About 15 mins drive
Walk up Garway Hill - long or short, as you want. About 10 mins drive
Walk at Symonds Yat - long or short as you want. About 15 mins drive
Circular walks, starting (and finishing at the Bell Inn, Skenfrith (about 10 mins drive)
Three castles walk. Starting at Skenfrith. A very strenuous couple of day’s walking, but can be done in three or more sections, each of a couple of hours or so, using two cars, or by negotiation and for a consideration, you might walk a section and arrange collection at any of the castles with us.
For those willing to drive for ½ -hour, walk in The Black Mountains, maybe taking in part of the Monmouth and Brecon Canal The ‘waterside walk’ and ‘fairy glen’ circular, pub walks in the walk guide box are very good.
If you are less ambitious, there is about a mile of paths mowed alongside the stream, around and through the hay-fields with a fine range of wildlife to be seen.
Maybe look at:

The view down from Symonds Yat Rock

Meet our animals...

Sometimes there are lambs to be fed, by bottle or bucket.

Sometimes there are Goats to be fed by bottle or bucket.

There are always chickens, quail and ducks that will appreciate your spare bread.

There are many wild rabbits to be seen if you are alert, especially at dawn or dusk.

The site is over 10-acres, giving plenty of space for everyone, with views over three counties.

Colors in the spring make it worth an early look.

Blackberries, plums, sloes, etc in the autumn make that a good time as well.

The site is popular with cyclists making the treck from Land's End to John O'Groats, or indeed John O'Groats to Land's End.

The pitches are all on Grass. The site drains well and is fairly level and firm.

Summer, we are busy and we restrict numbers to 5-vans and about 10-tents, so booking is strongly advised.
Times of Arrival and Departure: Anytime.
We have plenty of space, so you can turn up as early as you like and leave as late as you want.
Lambing will be Easter and April.