One side of the site is boundaried by a shallow, but lively stream. Brilliant to camp by or for small campfires, or just for a walk first thing in the morning. Rabbit, and badger holes to be seen.

Guests have also seen: Deer, Pheasants, Kites, Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks, Foxes, Peregrine Falcon, and a good range of song birds.

There is a great deal you can do, here.

For just a taster, we recommend:
1. Symonds Yat Rock, Symonds Yat East
Fantastic views and see the peregrine falcon nest;
Walk down to Symonds Yat East, through the woods and sit a while by the river, watching the hand ferry;
Or drop into the Saracen’s Head for some very excellent food, real ales and wines.

2. Symonds Yat WestButterfly Zoo
Amazing Hedge Maze and so many other mazes.
Boat trips on the Wye

3. Canoeing on the Wye.Collect a canoe from Ross-on-Wye and they will drive you upstream so that you can canoe beck to your car.
¼-day, ½-day, full-day. You set the time and they take you upstream accordingly.
Try the full adventure, canoeing from Hay on Wye to Ross on Wye.

4. CavesHopewell Colliery - Free miner’s coal mine - Coleford
Clearwater Cave. A cave once used as a tin mine

5. Steam railway – Coleford

6. Castles
Skenfrith – on the Abergavenny road
Goodrich – off the A40, North of Monmouth
White castle – on the Abergavenny road
Grossmsont Castle - off the Abergavenny road and many more..

7. Sculpture Walk or cycle path – Coleford

8. Walks and cycling (we provide an extensive and detailed walk guide)
Walk to the very fine Royal Inn 1 hour each way, and get a splendid welcome on arrival.
Walk up Coppett’s Hill - long or short, as you want. About 15 mins drive
Walk up Garway Hill - long or short, as you want. About 10 mins drive
Walk at Symonds Yat - long or short as you want. About 15 mins drive
Circular walks, starting (and finishing at the Bell Inn, Skenfrith (about 10 mins drive)
Three castles walk. Starting at Skenfrith. A very strenuous couple of day’s walking, but can be done in three or more sections, each of a couple of hours or so, using two cars, or by negotiation and for a consideration, you might walk a section and arrange collection at any of the castles with us.
For those willing to drive for ½ -hour, walk in The Black Mountains, maybe taking in part of the Monmouth and Brecon Canal The ‘waterside walk’ and ‘fairy glen’ circular, pub walks in the walk guide box are very good.
If you are less ambitious, there is about a mile of paths mowed alongside the stream, around and through the hay-fields with a fine range of wildlife to be seen.
Maybe look at:

The view down from Symonds Yat Rock

Meet our animals...

Sometimes there are lambs to be fed, by bottle or bucket.

Sometimes there are Goats to be fed by bottle or bucket.

There are always chickens, quail and ducks that will appreciate your spare bread.

There are many wild rabbits to be seen if you are alert, especially at dawn or dusk.

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  1. Canoeing is an excellent activity at camping. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Meredith Farm Camping. The beautiful sights will make you want to stay there forever.